Be prepared for severe weather with Storm Team app

This is Severe Weather Preparedness Week in North Carolina. Here, meteorologist Alyssa Corfont takes a look at the Storm Team weather app and how it can prepare you for severe weather.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – When severe weather strikes, CBS North Carolina’s Storm Team weather app is there for you but it’s also great for simply tracking the weather.

And if you missed one of the weather reports, you can watch it on the video tab at your leisure.

Storm Team app
Storm Team app

The home screen tells you the temperature, sky cover and other current conditions for your exact location. It’s an interactive app as you can share your weather pictures with others, whether it be a tornado or simply a beautiful sunny day.

Clicking on the map icon allows you to see the weather in any area. You can easily zoom in or out with just the movement of your fingers.

Buttons in the bottom right corner allow you to track storms on the radar, plot temperatures and even check wind speeds.

Some people keep their app set to show radar and satellite with the lightning strikes overlay. If there’s a lightning strike nearby, you’ll get an alert. It’s advisable to keep the tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings turned on so that your phone alerts you to approaching weather.

The daily and hourly forecasts are updated by the CBS North Carolina Storm Team meteorologists every day.

You can help spread the word about the Storm Team weather app by hitting the share button and tweeting, messaging or Facebooking your friends about what you’re tracking on the storm team app.

Download the app today by visiting your app store and searching “WNCN WX.”



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