Opponents speak out against $2 billion NC bond plan on ballot next week

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — For all the attention the presidential primary is getting, voters in North Carolina have another big decision next week that could impact the state for decades.

State leaders on both sides of the aisle want voters to approve the Connect NC bond.

It’s $2 billion in new debt for projects all over North Carolina, including new buildings at colleges, water and sewer upgrades as well as improvements to state parks, among other items.

To see a list of projects that would receive funding, click here: http://connect.nc.gov/

“It’s not free money,” said Nicole Revels, who is going on a mission across the state.

She started NC Against the Bond, questioning the need for the state to take on the additional debt.

“There’s little accountability and little scrutiny,” said Revels, adding she doesn’t feel the list of proposed projects is specific enough, allowing the money to shuffled around easily if voters approve the bond.

She joined the Wake County Taxpayers Association Monday outside the legislative building.

“North Carolina residents deserve better,” she said.

Meanwhile, Gov. Pat McCrory (R) and other state leaders are also crisscrossing the state on a mission of their own.

He urged a yes vote Monday, saying the improvements at schools especially are long overdue and necessary to promote job growth.

“If we’re going to recruit industry in eastern North Carolina or Piedmont North Carolina or western North Carolina, if we can’t find the talent to fill those jobs, we won’t recruit new industry. In fact, we won’t keep the industry we have,” McCrory said.

The governor says the bond won’t require a tax increase because interest rates are low and the state is paying off its existing debt quickly, but some taxpayers are skeptical.

Jerry Morton said, “None of us have ever seen a bond that did not raise taxes. We think this is no different.”

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