Cooper, Spaulding battle for Democratic nominee for NC governor

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Democrat voters in the state will have the choice between current Attorney General, Roy Cooper, and Durham-based attorney and former House Representative, Ken Spaulding, for governor in the upcoming primary elections.

Despite polls showing Cooper with a clear advantage, Spaulding said he offers voters something very different than his opponent. Spaulding said he isn’t a career politician, and wouldn’t give North Carolinians the same political jargon.

Spaulding said he knows he can’t compete with Cooper in terms of money, but isn’t worried. Instead, he is focused on making sure rural counties are just as represented as urban ones.

“Find ways in which our smaller, more rural counties, are being treated fairly and are able to get the necessary funds,” he said.

Spaulding is a supporter of expanding Medicaid and wants to raise teacher pay above the national average. He said the level of education students get today in the state isn’t good enough. He wants students in all 100 counties to get the same opportunities.

“It shouldn’t be where you are born that determines your educational opportunities,” he said.

Cooper, on the other hand, has been spending time attacking his likely opponent for governor come November’s general election, current Governor Pat McCrory. The two have disagreed on the Charlotte transgender ordinance. Cooper said the current governor and other state Republicans should be focusing more on creating jobs and better education than fighting a city ordinance.

Cooper, like Spaulding, is a big support in better funding public schools in the state. He said North Carolina should be a state that works for everyone. However, under current leadership, that isn’t the case.

“We’ve concentrated on corporate tax give aways at the expense of public education and the middle class,” Cooper said. “People are responding to that message. They know we have to pay our school teachers more.”

For more information on the issues important to Spaulding, click here. To learn more about Cooper, click here.

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