Raleigh Police release 911 call on home invasion, rape

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Police have released the 911 calls from a home invasion in Raleigh.

A mother found her teen daughter tied up in their home.

Police are still looking for two suspects.

The mom says she walked into her home, saw it was wrecked and then found her daughter in the closet.

“She’s been raped. She was just tied up in the closet, I just got her out” the mom told dispatchers.

The mom then put her daughter on the phone who described what happened.

The victim told dispatchers she was in the bathroom when she heard a loud noise.

She peeked her head out and saw the two men in her home.

She says she tried to hide in the bathroom but they heard her crying.

She says that’s when one of the men raped her, tied her up, and put her in the closet.

The teen says one of the men had a gun and hit her on the head.

Police are investigating this case as well as several other break-ins in that neighborhood.



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