Sen. Cruz visits Raleigh, says he is only GOP hope for stopping Trump

Sen. Ted Cruz

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Presidential candidates continue to focus on North Carolina as voters will head to the polls next Tuesday for the state’s primary election.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz made a stop in Raleigh Tuesday at the Calvary Baptist Church and School. He taped an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News but did not hold a separate rally. Several hundred supporters showed up in support.

“I feel really good here in North Carolina. We have an amazing team on the ground,” Cruz said.

Cruz’ visit came one day ahead of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s visit to Fayetteville.

On Tuesday, Cruz insisted he is the only Republican who can stop Trump and beat Hillary Clinton.

“To all of the men and women here in North Carolina, who may be thinking of supporting other candidates, I ask you to come join us,” he said. “We welcome you with open arms.”

He said of Trump: “If Donald Trump is our nominee, we lose. That means Hillary becomes president. If Trump is our nominee, we lose the Supreme Court for a generation, we lose the Bill of Rights for a generation.”

The two candidates have been battling for much of their campaigns, with Trump coming out on top in most polls. Cruz trails Trump by 81 delegates ahead of next week’s primary in North Carolina.

Both candidates are trying to get out and meet voters in North Carolina. They’ve been trading jabs along the way.

“Donald Trump is someone who has been, in his own words, part of the establishment his whole life,” said Cruz.

“I would love to take on Ted one-on-one. I think that would be so much fun,” said Trump.

Clinton announced a visit to North Carolina Thursday, but the Democratic front-runner hasn’t said where she’ll be.

There’s been no word on whether Sen. Bernie Sanders will make a stop in North Carolina before next week’s primary.

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