Wisconsin wrestler gives trophy to boy he calls ‘the real champion’

Isaac Diaz and Brock Cherek
Isaac Diaz and Brock Cherek (Courtesy: WBAY)

OCONTO FALLS, Wisc. (WBAY) — A middle school wrestler in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, is getting some extra attention after a selfless act of kindness at a match over the weekend. He wants people to know even a small gesture can make a big difference.

“He’s a brute, he’s very physical, and he’s very passionate for the sport,” said Washington Middle School Wrestling Coach Mike Bramer of 8th grade athlete Isaac Diaz.

Bramer is spending the next few weeks working with his athletes, including Diaz.

“Last year he took second at state,” said Bramer, “and he’s got a bigger drive just to take first place.”

While competitive, Diaz’s performance at this weekend’s youth tournament is catching people’s attention for another reason.

“I had this one thing that popped into my head,” Diaz said, “and I wanted to just make this kid feel happy, and feel like a champion.”

Isaac approached Lisa Cherek and her son, Brock, who is in a wheelchair and has limited communication skills. Their family was there cheering on Lisa’s other two sons, also competing.

“[Isaac] said, ‘Would you mind, if, after my next match, when I win it, If I could give him [Brock] my trophy?'” Cherek recalled. “I just looked at him and said, ‘Are you serious?’ because we’ve never had that ever happen.”

As Isaac pointed to Brock after his win, Brock and his family were touched by the offering, especially because the families had never met.

“Isaac just saw something in Brock,” said Cherek, “and he just did an amazing act of kindness to make Brock feel like anybody else.”

The trophy and Isaac’s headband, with Brock’s name on the back, now sit at the Cherek’s home. Isaac hopes his small act will inspire others.

“I just want people to know that being kind is so amazing,” said Diaz. “It makes people’s day, it makes them happy, and I just want people to do this more often.”

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