Answer math problems to win 3.14 years of free pizza on ‘Pi Day’

Pizza Hut personal pan
Pizza Hut News Twitter photo

Nobody knows “pie” like Pizza Hut, but on Monday, Pizza Hut is dropping the “e” in honor of Pi – 3.14 – everyone’s favorite irrational number.

In partnership with mathematical genius John H. Conway, a distinguished professor of mathematics at Princeton University, and in honor of “National Pi Day” on March 14, Pizza Hut released three math problems with a unique challenge: be the first person to solve and submit the correct answer to any one of the problems for a chance to receive 3.14 years of free pizza from Pizza Hut.

The questions are varying in level of difficulty from high school to PhD level and were posted at 8 a.m. Monday at

Answers must be provided within the blog comments on the site, which will be time stamped to determine the potential winner (fans can only win once).

Pizza Hut equates 3.14 years of free pizza to approximately $1,600 in gift cards from the pizza restaurant company.

Good luck!

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