Durham protest aimed at stopping police headquarters from being built

DURHAM, N.C. – Protesters gathered in Durham Monday evening to protest the new $71.3 million police headquarters, saying that there are other community needs more important.

The cost of the new complex had risen to nearly $81 million but recent reductions in the size are expected to save $9.6 million.

“The amount of money is ridiculous to be coming from taxpayers in the city of Durham,” said Deedee Jackson, who is against the new headquarters. “The area they’re looking to revitalize is one of the poorer neighborhoods and areas in Durham.”

The new building is going to be at 600 East main Street and will house not only the police headquarters but emergency communications and several other organizations.

CBS North Carolina reached out to the Durham Police as well as city administrators and no one wanted to comment on the protest. But on the Durham PD’s website they say the current headquarters just does not meet their needs, and the new building will consolidate several police functions.

Protesters say that want the city council to focus on jobs, healthcare and affordable housing. They hope they can still somehow derail plans for the building, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

Protesters in Durham don't want money going to build a new police headquarters. (WNCN Photo)
Protesters in Durham don’t want money going to build a new police headquarters. (WNCN Photo)

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