Daughter’s murder has broken Johnston County mom’s spirit

Jessica Pyatte
Jessica Pyatte and her mother Michelle (Photos provided by family)

NEWTON GROVE, N.C. (WNCN) – The mother of a 24-year-old woman killed in a Johnston County double murder spoke to CBS North Carolina about the emotional and financial struggle she’s experiencing following the killing.

“It’s been minute to minute. It’s been second to second. I’ve picked up the phone to call her and realize my baby’s not here anymore,” said Michelle Pyatte.

The body of Jessica Pyatte was found March 10 in a Newton Grove home. The body of Matt Jones, 30, was also found.

Pyatte was shot in the head and according to family members, because of her wounds, it took two days to identify her.

The family said officials had to use fingerprints and Pyatte’s distinctive tattoos to establish a positive identification.

“She was my best friend. No other way to describe it,” Michelle Pyatte said.

Jessica’s death broke her mother’s spirit.

“I’ve secluded myself. It hurts too much,” she said.

It hurts even more than the loss of her granddaughter Luna.

Michelle Pyatte said the hardest thing she’s ever had to do was deal with the death of her six-month-old granddaughter.

Then she lost her daughter.

“I’ve been told to let it go but I will not let it go it was your child it would be the same way,” she said.

Michelle Pyatte recently lost her home and she can hardly afford gas money.

And paying for a funeral right now is out of the question.

“We need help with funeral expenses to make sure my baby gets a proper burial,” Michelle Pyatte said.

She said it will cost around $4,200 for the cremation.

“I don’t want revenge I want answers,” Michelle Pyatte said. “So many unanswered questions.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up by Pyatte’s family to help with funeral expenses.

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