1st case of NC ‘super lice’ confirmed in Edgecombe County near Triangle

Photo from WNCT

PINETOPS, N.C. (WNCT) – The first possible case of the treatment resistant lice, known as “super lice”, has been reported near the Triangle.

Ginny Johnson suspects her daughter may have gotten the lice while attending Carver Elementary School in Pinetops, in Edgecombe County near Wilson.

Mom Ginny Johnston
Mom Ginny Johnston

Edgecombe County School officials confirmed one child at the school had lice, but said the situation was under control, and the child had been sent home for treatment.

However, Johnson said her daughter was never sent home from school. She also said her daughter has come back with lice after school twice in the last month.

“How can my child go to school with her head clean, and then 4 and half hours later I go to pick her up and she’s got a head full of lice? All adult lice,” Johnson said.

Johnson asked that same question to her daughter’s teacher in a text message, and received a text back saying, “I’m not sure.”

The school district’s policy for lice is to send the child home with instructions for parents to manage it.

“The school nurse and school staff work closely with the student’s family to ensure proper treatment and education are provided,” Susan Hoke, Communications Coordinator for the school district said in a statement. “Once the student has received treatment and is lice free, they are allowed to return to school.”

After inspecting other students at the school, Hoke said there were no more cases of lice found. However, Johnson wants more to be done because she said the story doesn’t add up.

She said parents need to be on the look out for the problem.

“They should be checking their children’s heads every day,” she said.

In WNCT’s original “super lice” story, John Morrow, director of the Pitt County Health Department, said he suspected the treatment resistant strains of lice were already present in the East.

“I haven’t seen resistant cases personally that didn’t respond to over the counter medication, but I’m sure there are some, and they’re probably here in Eastern North Carolina,” Morrow said.

Johnson saved one of the dead lice and put it on a piece of tape. She said she plans to take it to the health department to get it tested.

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