ACC flexing muscles in NCAA Elite 8 with one guaranteed to play for title

UNC coach Roy Williams. (AP Photo)

If you’re a college basketball fan and want to watch some hoops Sunday, you’ll be watching ACC teams. The Elite 8 features four ACC teams, who’ll play each other on Easter Sunday.

“From top to bottom we probably have the best conference it’s finally showing with four of us in the Elite 8,” UNC’s Brice Johnson said Saturday.

The right side of the NCAA bracket tilts heavily toward ACC Country with North Carolina vs. Notre Dame and Virginia vs. Syracuse.

The conference is flexing its muscles like never before.

“When you have four teams in the Elite 8 on the same side, it kind of goes back to ACC Tournament,” UNC’s Joel Berry said.

There’s no question that it feels like the meat grinder that is the ACC Tournament but it has morphed into the Big Dance.

“The crazy thing is it feels like we just did this and now we got to do it again,” UNC’s Marcus Paige said. “This time it will be more difficult. There will be new challenges that present themselves and the stakes are even higher.”

Indeed. For the elite teams, there is always life after the ACC Tournament. Now, it’s one and done. Still, the events in Washington two weeks ago seemed to forge a steel bond.

“The top part of this league, I should say top half have of the league was just off the charts this year,” UNC coach Roy Williams said.

Seven teams from the ACC made the NCAA Tournament this year. Only Duke, Miami and Pittsburgh are no longer around. The ACC is guaranteed two teams in the Final Four with of them playing for a National Championship and a pretty good chance of winning it all.

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