Raleigh mayor says city reviewing impact of House Bill 2

Nancy McFarlane gives the state of the city address in March 2015. (File)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The city of Raleigh is reviewing House Bill 2, Mayor Nancy McFarlane said Monday in a statement.

“We still have many questions as to the effect of HB2 on our city processes,” McFarlane said. “Our legal staff is conducting a careful review and we hope to have more insight as to the bills impacts in the coming days.”

Meanwhile, the town of Chapel Hill is holding a special meeting Monday night in response to the new law. This comes after leaders in Carrboro passed a resolution Saturday in opposition to the legislation.

House Bill 2, passed by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday, overrules a Charlotte ordinance that would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of their gender identification. The new law requires public schools and government agencies to be designated for people based on their biological sex.

The bill also included significant other language about discrimination and limiting what cities and counties can as far as requiring companies to pay more than minimum wage.

McFarlane, in a lengthy statement, said, “Raleigh will always be open to everyone.

Everyone. We will continue to support all of our businesses, citizens and visitors with the utmost respect, regardless of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

“Raleigh is great because our people are great. Together, we have created a place like no other. And nothing about that has changed. We will continue to work together, cherish each other and move forward with dignity and respect.”

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