Teen girl found after vanishing during vacation in Myrtle Beach, police say

16-year-old Katelyn Mullinax. (Photo provided by family)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WNCN) — The Myrtle Beach Police announced on Saturday afternoon that a South Carolina girl who went missing on Monday night — Katelyn Mullinax — has been found and would soon be reunited with her family.

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CLOVER, S.C. (WBTV) – Police in Myrtle Beach are searching for a teenage Clover girl who went missing while on vacation with her family Monday.

As the older sister, Emily Mullinax says she’s always looked out for 16-year-old Katelyn.

“She’s always been the little one. Like the person that I was supposed to protect,” Emily said.

Now, Katelyn’s safety is out of Emily’s control.

“It’s just difficult when I can’t help her,” Emily said.

Emily told WBTV that Katelyn was vacationing in Myrtle Beach at the Seacrest Resort on Ocean Boulevard with her step dad and step brothers on Monday night.

She says Katelyn told them she forgot something down at the pool. She never came back.

“She didn’t bring her clothes, she didn’t bring her MacBook, any phones she would have, she didn’t bring anything down there,” Emily said.

She also didn’t bring medication that was critical to a medical condition.

A report was filed and Myrtle Beach police have been investigating. But unfortunately, they haven’t found much.

Now Katelyn’s parents, friends and other family members are taking matters into their own hands.

“They’ve been walking up and down Ocean Boulevard. They’ve been passing out flyers, talking to investigators,” Emily said.

Emily says Katelyn left behind her wallet, her ID, everything. Which is just one of the reasons she doesn’t think her sister ran away. Emily says she’s been trying to get information from Katelyn’s friends. They say they don’t know anything.

“Being 16, she’s not very good at keeping secrets, so I feel like she would have told somebody,” Emily said.

While Emily doesn’t know where her sister is, she’s convinced someone out there does.

“Please bring her back because we miss her. And we don’t want anything to happen to her. And if it was your child, I know you wouldn’t either,” she said.

According to police, Katelyn has red hair and blue eyes. She is 5’2, 125 pounds and was wearing black leggings and a tank top when she disappeared.

If you have any information on the case or Katelyn’s whereabouts, call the Myrtle Beach Police Department at 843-918-1382.

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