Greenville adds public charging stations for electric cars

Electric car in Greenville, North Carolina (WNCT)

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Happening Thursday, the city of Greenville gets a little more green.

The city is installing its first public charging stations for electric cars.

The two new charging stations will be located in the Fourth Street parking deck, giving electric car drivers a free option to fill up in uptown. The stations will be fully funded by a donation from Greenville Nissan.

Right now, the only electric car charging stations in Eastern North Carolina are in Hookerton and Wilson.

Greenville Nissan’s Matt Murchison said he expects the project to bring in more drivers interested in electric cars.

“You definitely see people asking about them,” said Murchison. “They’re always interested in how far you can drive in an electric vehicle. There’s options on that as well. It’s pretty neat. It’s definitely the way of the future.”

It’s just one piece of Greenville’s new focus on environmental friendliness.

Several city vehicles are electric and the mayor said they plan to buy more. They’re even considering how to incorporate it into public transportation.

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