NC family angry after cremation cost extra because of weight

Photo Source: Sarah-Blake Morgan/WBTV

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Sherry Lloyd and Ashley Faulk are a mother and daughter who have had a difficult couple of days after a close relative passed away this week.

“She was prepared to go, and I was prepared for her to go,” Lloyd said.

But knowing their loved one’s death was looming didn’t make it any easier for the family. However, they had talked about it with their relative before she passed.

“She was just adamant about how everything was to be handled and the expense, exactly what she wanted done,” Lloyd said.

Six hundred dollars is what the woman set aside for her own cremation. The family asked WBTV not to reveal her name.

“She had planned for that. She had the money put aside for it. And that was it. That was all she had,” Lloyd said.

When she died on Tuesday, the family started searching and found Boston’s Mortuary in Charlotte. They say over the phone, the owner quoted them $599 for their relative’s cremation.

“We were never told there may be additional fees,” Faulk said.

But after their loved one’s body was picked up and brought to the mortuary, they say they were told it would cost them more than $300 extra because of her weight. Something they say was never mentioned.

“If we would have known that ahead of time, we would have said don’t pick her up, we’re going to look around,” Faulk said.

No one from Boston’s Mortuary wanted to do an on-camera interview, but over the phone they did tell WBTV they tried calling the family multiple times to let them know the cremation would cost more because she was over 300 lbs. When no one answered, they say they picked up the body.

“Before they left that place with my relative’s body, they could have verified those prices with me – and none of that was done,” Lloyd said.

WBTV checked and Boston’s Mortuary had an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. But the BBB encourages families to get agreements like this in writing, something this family wishes they would have done.

“Just because you’re in a vulnerable situation and grieving, you don’t have to cave in,” Lloyd said.

In the end, the family says they ended up getting Ingram Funeral Home in Iredell County to pick up the body. They say that business was upfront about their prices.

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