Fayetteville’s city manager resigns among fading support

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Fayetteville’ s city manager resigned Monday after nearly four years on the job as his support among city council members faded.

Ted Voorhees resigned following a closed session at City Hall Monday.

While several council members were reluctant to comment on record, it appears issues include the current PWC lawsuit where the city wants budgeting oversight.

The city-owned utility company operates a $350 million budget and serves 110,000 customers annually.

Voorhees has been criticized for the handling of this issue.

There’s also mounting pressure from the development community who feel development standards are unrealistic.

Also, Voorhees and Mayor Nat Robertson do not see eye-to-eye on many issues.

“Our mayor, from the beginning, and this is obvious, didn’t really like and get along with our city manager. So I thought that when you have a mayor and city manager that has those feelings that it’s not going to be long before he builds consensus among other fellow colleagues,” said council member Bobby Hurst.

Voorhees supporters regarded him as brilliant-minded, well experienced and respected.

Sources told CBS North Carolina if Voorhees did not resign, he would have been fired by a majority vote.

Both Robertson and Voorhees declined to comment on this story.

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