NC lawmakers work on police body camera bill

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The day after we learned a Raleigh police officer won’t be charged for shooting death of a suspect, there’s new talk about the need for body cameras.

“It’s a nationwide concern right now, and technology is moving so rapidly,” said Rep. John Faircloth (R-Guilford).

Representatives said it’s why they’re moving forward so quickly with a bill focusing on the use of body cameras.

“The state should not mandate the use of body-worn cameras,” said Faircloth.

That opinion is now part of a draft bill created by state representatives.

“What guides law enforcement and our state and throughout the country is decided by legislatures and by congress- this issue is no different,” said Eddie Caldwell with the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association.

The bill also said video taken from body and or dashboard cameras are not public record, but each agency can make the decision about who gets to see it and how much video is released.

“We’re leaving the day-to-day functions and the day-to-day decision process to local governments,” Faircloth said Thursday.

Caldwell told CBS North Carolina “they are leaving that to local discretion, which is what we’ve asked them to do.”

Representatives OK’d the draft Thursday but didn’t give a timeline on when they’ll take up the issue again.

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