2 pellet guns found at NC elementary school, 3 fourth graders face discipline

HIGH POINT, N.C. (WXII) —Three High Point elementary school students face discipline after two pellet guns were found on campus Tuesday, school district officials said.

The incident took place at Northwood Elementary School on West Lexington Avenue near Westchester Drive in High Point. The guns weren’t loaded, and all the students involved were fourth graders, Guilford County Schools officials said.

One student was found with both guns, while a second student took the guns to school, GCS officials said. A third student who was aware of the situation also will be disciplined by the student code of conduct, school district officials said.

Another student found the guns and notified school administrators, GCS officials said.

Principal Scott Winslow said in a message to parents that the incident was immediately reported to law enforcement. His message, sent to parents Tuesday, continues below:

“Maintaining a safe school environment is a priority for us. We applaud the actions of the child who spoke up, and we also ask for your help to make sure your child does not bring inappropriate items to school. By working together, we can keep all of our students safe.”

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