Food Network star helps Durham students learn about science through food

Food Network star Alton Brown visited Durham students Friday, April 15.

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Well-known TV host Alton Brown brought his Food Science to kids in Durham Friday.

Brown, creator and host of the Food Network TV show “Good Eats,” demonstrated the science behind popcorn to students at Fayetteville Street Elementary School.

The kids say it’s a way of learning about science first hand, live and in person, from an expert.

“You have a different experience,” said 5th grader Yulisa Castillo, “because you have a person that’s there to actually talk to you in person so you have more questions and more stuff because let’s say if they’re on TV and all that stuff, you can’t really ask any questions.”

Fellow 5th grader Savion Spruioo added, “I learned how anybody can be a scientist because I thought you had to go to a school or something but I really don’t.”

Brown also talked about the health benefits of various foods.

“This food chemistry piece is kind of new to kids,” said Dacia Jones, a Durham Public Schools district science specialist. “Some of them say, ‘you mean I can bake cookies and that’s a science?’ I want these kids to have every opportunity. We know that the jobs our kids will have in 10 years will be primarily STEM oriented.”

The event, the school system’s 100th Virtual Field Trip through video calling technology, was streamed to 32,000 people, including Durham Public School students at other schools. Other Virtual Field Trips have included Skyping with the International Space Station, scientists in Antartica and Jeff Probst, the host of the TV show “Survivor.”

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