Gov. McCrory on HB2: More dialogue needed on transgender issues

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory called for more dialogue on the issue of transgender people and bathroom on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday while saying he stands by provisions of a bill regarding access to facilities.

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McCrory talked about how he believed the bathroom bill in Charlotte was an example of “government overreach.”
“I want to as governor always call out government overreach,” McCrory said. “This was the left that brought out the bathroom bill, not the right. And I think that’s government overreach.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd countered, saying to McCrory “you talk about overreach, OK you say Charlotte overreached, how did the state of North Carolina, the state government, not overreach in the same way?”

Todd then talked about the process in which Charlotte adopted the policy – the city has long debated the issue and two new members of the city council were elected who would go on to vote for the provisions in the bill which helped it pass. Todd said to McCrory, “You guys [the General Assembly] debated for like 10 seconds.”

McCrory reiterated that he will ask legislators to repeal a part of the law that bans workers from filing discrimination claims in state court.

He also insisted that North Carolinians want their privacy protected, and said, “This was basically a restroom privacy issue vs. equality.”

CBS North Carolina reviewed the interview with Rep. Duane Hall, a Raleigh Democrat. Hall was McCrory’s interview was “not the interview I was expecting.”

Hall said he expected McCrory to say he regretted parts of the bill or the loss of revenue from companies that have decided not to expand in North Carolina.

“I actually expected the purpose was to begin the healing, bring us together,” Hall said. “The governor essentially threw more fuel in the fire.”

N.C. State University professor Steven Greene told CBS North Carolina the issue of House Bill 2 could have an impact on the 2016 elections in North Carolina.

“I think the fact that corporate America has really weighed in on this and said that McCrory and the legislature have made a mistake is the sort of thing that will resonate with voters not just the liberal left but across the political spectrum,” Greene said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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