Historic Fayetteville church re-dedicated after fire

St. Joseph’s Episcopal church is re-dedicated after it burned a year ago. (WNCN)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) –  A historic Fayetteville church held a special dedication service Sunday.

St. Joseph’s Episcopal church caught on fire last year but members say their faith in God pulled them through.

One year ago St. Joseph’s members were saddened and in great disbelief after a tragic fire at their church.

Sunday, however, was a day to rejoice.

Prayers of gratitude were shared as more than 100 people gathered to rededicate the church.

On March 24 of last year, the church caught fire after a homeless man was smoking on the  porch.

Damages exceeded $800,000.

The sanctuary was closed for nearly a year as repairs were made.

It re-opened nearly three weeks ago.

Members of the Fayetteville Fire Department attended the re-dedication along with many residents who don’t attend the church but wanted to celebrate the occasion.

Church leaders said 85 percent of the repairs are done, with mostly minor work still left to do.

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