Parents fume as youth soccer group has ‘silent weekend’

Soccer ball

NORMAN, Okla. (WNCN) – If you have been to a youth soccer game, you know parents – and coaches – can be rowdy at times.

So this weekend, the youth soccer program in Norman, Oklahoma, decided to hold a Silent Weekend – and the response, at least on their Facebook page, was anything but silent.

As part of the silent weekend, parents and coaches were asked not to say anything during games for the Norman Youth Soccer Association. The organization said it’s goal was to let the kids focus on playing and improving.

Some parents got into the spirit of the event brought signs that read, for example, “Go Panthers!”

But the event got mixed reviews on the group’s Facebook page. One parent said the emphasis could have been on positive cheering rather than no cheering at all.

Another thought the silence hurt the children’s ability to learn the sport, since coaches were not playing in games.

And another person in the football-mad state posted on their Facebook page: “Why don’t you ask the sooners to be quite or the thunder or any other major team? The cheers are part of the game and the kids love it. Kids feel like the parents aren’t paying attention if they don’t cheer.”

On Sunday, at least, there was total silence at the Norman Youth Soccer Association fields – rain postponed all the matches.




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