Amazing story of how kidney donors get connected

Kidney donors (CBS)

Kidney donors are proudly standing behind complete strangers who received their organs.

These donors expected to give their kidneys to loved ones, but later found out they were not good matches for that.

But operations did happen when these people took part in a three-way daisy chain kidney swap carried out at North Shore University hospital.

It began with Dawn Bates, who it turned out was no match for her niece, Nicole Johnson.

A search of the living donor registry revealed someone else, stranger Catherine Richards, was ideal.

Richards, a teacher, was tearful meeting the woman who now has her kidney.

“I did whatever I could to make sure she can live her life,” said Richards.

Meanwhile, Richard’s mother-in law, who’d she been incompatible with, turned out to be a perfect match to receive donor Terry Fung Ching’s kidney.

“I’m so grateful,” Richards said. “It wasn’t easy. I have a new life. I feel good.”

Ching was not a match for his wife, Tiffany, but the daisy chain was completed when it turned out Bates, who’d started the whole process, was an ideal match for Tiffany.

Hospital officials say this transplant story is already inspiring people to become donors.

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