Durham hotel/art museum installs new gender-neutral bathroom signage

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Durham hotel/contemporary art gallery 21c Museum Hotel will install new, gender-neutral signs to single-stall public restrooms at the hotel in response to House Bill 2, according to a statement from the company.

Peregrine Honig, We Don't Care, 2016. Acrylic. 21c Collection (21c Museum Hotel)
Peregrine Honig, We Don’t Care, 2016. Acrylic. 21c Collection (21c Museum Hotel)

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On Saturday, the Peregrine Honig design that looks like the split male and female traditional bathroom logo put together will go up in the museum.

Underneath the sign it says “We don’t care.”

Honig said she designed the logo specifically in response to the controversy over HB2.

Her work is in other 21c museums, but this sign will be the first one in Durham.

Gerry Link, general manager of 21c in Durham, said the bathrooms were intended to be unisex but the city and county requested they have gender-based signs. Link said Durham city and county have recently changed their minds and approved the unisex bathrooms.

Link said since HB2 passed, his business has been losing money.

“We’re absolutely feeling it. Not just hearing it, but feeling the impact of it, and I think you’d find that around many other properties and hotels around the state as well,” he said.

Link said the goal for these new signs, which will double as not only signage for bathroom stalls but also as art in the museum is to get conversation going about HB2 and hopefully repeal the bill.

The company calls HB2 “a human issue” and says they “[oppose] discrimination” and that “officials should understand that this human issue does have economic implications – both in lost revenue for the state and for individual business owners.”

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