Family members wait for news in gruesome Smithfield case

Bridgette Morgan Smith in a photo from Smithfield Police.

SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) – Nearly a week after the remains of two infants were found under a Smithfield home, police have not announced any arrests.

Late Thursday, the Smithfield Police acknowledged they located the person of interest in the case, Bridget Morgan Smith.

But that was all they would say. Officials have not announced any time table for a decision on pressing charges.

They’d been looking for Smith ever since last Saturday, when the remains of two infants were found stuffed in trash bags beneath a home. Police will only say they have talked with her but won’t say where she is.

Family members also say they are in the dark. Smith’s sister-in-law, Haley Fugate, said police have told the family nothing since Smith was located.

“I don’t know how she could ever do this,” Fugate said. “I really don’t. She has two kids that we raise.”

Detectives have conferred with Johnston County District Attorney Susan Doyle, who also met with the SBI. But Doyle will not call the case a criminal investigation at this point. And those who live in the neighborhood say people need to wait to see how the case is resolved.

“I think she should be punished — whoever left them there,” said neighbor Mary Reed. “But you can’t say she left them there unless they did DNA tests on the bones.”

This story continues to be a hot topic of conversation in Smithfield .

“It’s heartbreaking,” said neighbor Maria Jaimas. “It never crossed my mind to do something like that – and I don’t know how it would cross someone else’s mind. It’s a newborn. It’s a human. You don’t do that to a human.”


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