NC NAACP announces sit-in at legislature Monday to combat HB2

Rev. William Barber at news conference announcing sit-in at the legislature.

RALEIGH, N.C. – The North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP and the “Forward Together Moral Movement” vow to continue going after the state’s Republican leadership and Gov. Pat McCrory over the passage of House Bill Two.

On Monday, the group plans to stage a mass sit-in at the General Assembly, it was announced at a news conference outside Pullen Memorial Baptist Church.

The NAACP had asked lawmakers to repeal House Bill Two by yesterday. Rev. William Barber, who leads the state’s NAACP, calls the bill Hate Bill Two and says it uses people who are transgender as scapegoats.

Rev. Barber said the bill is anti-work, anti-living wage and anti-family but that Republicans are using this bill and the Marriage Amendment in 2012 to use discrimination to win elections.

“They come away saying, ‘We are fighting for moral values,'” he said. “Certain people will vote for them for that and dismisss how they cut 500,000 people’s healthcare, and dismiss how they undermine public education.”

Rev. Barber said his group will group off petitions to legislators on Monday and release their version of what they think House Bill Two should have looked like.

“Don’t be bamboozled,” he said. “Don’t be hoodwinked. These bills are being filed all over the state, all over country, Indiana, Mississippi and all because it’s about power politics and using sex and homophobia and racism to steer the vote.

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