Dogwood Festival wraps up after attracting 250,000 to Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — It was a fun filled weekend in Fayetteville as The Dogwood Festival wrapped up Sunday.

The annual event attracts thousands of people and an estimated $3 million to the local economy.

Fayetteville’s Dogwood Festival brought together men and women, boys and girls of all walks of life. The weather was incredible with lots of activities and good food.

“Everybody’s happy, everybody can’t wait until the Dogwood Festival comes!” one festival goer said.

What better way to start the week other than being with loved ones and relaxing.

The 34th Annual Dogwood Festival attracted 250,000 people over the three day weekend.

There were more than 100 activities including arts and crafts and lots of vendors.

“It’s a town tradition that everyone waits for it,” one festival goer said.

Families with young children flocked to the carnival area. There were dozens of games and many prizes.

The carnival also included more than a dozen rides, like one called “The Full Tilt”

“It was awesome it was the best,” one young boy rider said.

“Cause when you go up in the air, you come down, you feel like your whole stomach is moving up towards you and then when it tilts that’s our favorite part,” a girl rider added.

And if you just wanted to kick back and relax, The Dogwood Festival featured several bands such as a group from Raleigh.

Lee Mohagen and his wife thoroughly enjoyed the great tunes.

“These guys are super they play a mixture of rock and country and they’re called father and sons, they’re just super, good listening”

And what’s a festival without something tasty to enjoy?

There was a wide selection of food including hot dogs with all the fixings, turkey legs and cheese fries.

“They put so much cheese on it and the fries are really good and they put chili on it so I think that’s really good,” one hungry festival goer said.

The festival is slated to return next year, same time, same place, in Fayetteville.

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