Episcopal, Methodist bishops call for repeal of HB2

Retired Bishop William Willimon.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Bishops for the Episcopal and Methodist churches in North Carolina are calling for the repeal of House Bill 2.

In a statement Tuesday, four bishops from the Episcopal Church in North Carolina called for the law to be reserved.

“We oppose laws supporting discrimination against anyone by race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, political affiliation, genetic information or disability.

“These are complex issues with wide-reaching ramifications. HB2 was introduced and passed into law in one day, without sufficient time to listen to the voices of all who are affected by the bill. The mounting economic losses for North Carolina show this hasty process did not leave room to consider what impact HB2 would have on our state. We are all paying the price.”

On Monday, a group of Methodist leaders made a similar announcement. A retired Raleigh Bishop and the retired former Dean of the Chapel at Duke University are among eight Methodist bishops who called the state legislature to repeal House Bill 2.

Bishop C.P. Minnick Jr. of Raleigh and Bishop William H. Willimon of Durham released a statement Monday along with two current North Carolina bishops and four other retired North Carolina bishops. In part, the bishops, said, “We observed the hurried passage of House Bill 2 and its resultant harm to North Carolina – to individuals, to our economy, to our engagements with other states and nations, and to our future. We call for the repeal of HB2 as the legislature returns to Raleigh…”

They quoted John Wesley, the founder of the church, by saying “Methodists may not think alike but that we do love alike.”

The statement ended with a request of Methodists statewide: “We urge all United Methodists to engage in prayer, in study of the issues, in patient listening and persevering conversation with others who hold differing opinion, and in courageous advocacy for what is right, just and good for all people in North Carolina.”

In addition to Minnick and Willimon, the statement was signed by current Bishop Larry Goodpaster of the Western NC Conference and current Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of the North Carolina Conference along with retired bishops Charlene Kammerer of Lake Junaluska, Lawrence McCleskey of Laka Lunaluska, Ray Chamberlain of Winston-Salem and Thomas Stockton of Winston-Salem.

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