Cheaper RDU parking website option is postponed

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Sunday was supposed to be the day RDU International Airport launched its cheaper option online parking reservation website, however the airport says they are postponing the date to perfect the system.

Andrew Sawyer, spokesperson for RDU, says the airport could go live with the website now if they wanted, however they are holding off on the launch to make sure the system is perfect for its customers.

For the last few weeks parking at RDU has cost more than some regular customers are used to paying.

“I got the sticker shock from my bill today. I’ve been gone awhile so it was pretty large,” said Steve Wilson.

Steve Wilson flies out of RDU once a month. He says he’s launched a few websites himself and there are always glitches in the beginning.

“I think they’re smart not to release it early,” said Wilson.

However, not every customer at RDU is as forgiving as Wilson.

“I think it’s just a scam,” said Nadia Abdelkhalek.

Abdelkhalek just got off an 8 hour flight. She says flying is already expensive, with airfare, and checked bags.

She says without having the promised cheaper online service available, it’s like RDU is taking extra money out of their customer’s pockets.

“They should be fair to their customers and leave it the same rate until it’s ready,” she said.

The original launch date has now passed, but officials with RDU say the online system should be up sometime in mid-June.

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