Rolesville man charged in shooting death of Wake Forest man, police say

James Michael Aaron and the scene of the shooting at 104 North Main Street in Rolesville. WNCN photo

ROLESVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – There’s disbelief in Rolesville as police investigate a fatal shooting that happened at a home in a quiet downtown neighborhood.

New Story: Rolesville man accused of killing Wake Forest man expected in court

“It’s just sad for something like that to happen in a neighborhood like this,” said neighbor Joron Davis.

James Michael Aaron in a photo from police.
James Michael Aaron in a photo from police.

“It just seems not that small town, not what we would expect here. We don’t see crime scene tape and news cameras for this kind of purpose around the community,” said fellow neighbor Dana Pearce.

Rolesville Police were called to a home at 104 North Main Street at 4:45 a.m. Sunday.

They found 27-year-old Wesley Collin Carpenter of Wake Forest with multiple gunshot wounds. Carpenter was taken to WakeMed, where he died from his injuries.

Davis, who lives directly across the street from where the shooting happened, says he heard gunshots when he was leaving for work that morning.

“Around 4:35 as I was walking out the door I heard five, like a couple of pops like, pop, pop, pop,” said Davis.

Davis says officers first came to his house, and he directed them across the street. He says he then saw police take someone into custody.

“Had a guy cuffed and was bringing him out of the house,” Davis added.

Police have charged 29-year-old James Michael Aaron with murder. His brother, Mark Aaron, says it was self-defense.

“It’s hard to wrap my head around it. He’s my brother and he’s being charged with murder and it’s more than unfortunate, it’s pretty bad,” said Mark Aaron.

Mark Aaron says his brother was living in the home on North Main Street with his new girlfriend, Sophia Media Carpenter, the same woman he says recently left Carpenter.

Further investigation revealed that Wesley Collin Carpenter, Sophia Media Carpenter, and James Michael Aaron were all at Wesley Collin Carpenter’s residence at 1218 Colonial Club Road Wake Forest before the shooting.

“She had mentioned several things about how he had issues with PTSD. He was angry a lot,” said Aaron.

Police say the shooting was an isolated event, and Aaron agrees with that. He doesn’t agree that his brother should be charged with murder.

“Wesley came over here looking to confront someone about something. I don’t know what. But obviously Michael was in his home, Wesley came in his home, and I would imagine the law would be on his side saying, ‘I’m in my dwelling, I have the right to defend it,’” said Aaron.

Meanwhile, the quiet community around the shooting reels from the impact of the violence.

“It is a very, very quiet place and I’m sorry something like this has happened,” said Pearce.

“To have something like this happen this close to you right here. But I hope that’s the end of it really,” said Davis.

Rolesville Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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