Duke program ‘Audacious Institute’ to train next generation of entrepreneurs

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A program at Duke this summer aims to train the next generation of entrepreneurs.  It’s called Audacious Institute.

Lindsey Mangone and a fellow entrepreneur started the program in 2014.  Since then 20 different Audacious Institute programs have been offered across the country, but this will be the first in North Carolina. It’s open to students in high school.

“They work with mentors we bring in from the community who are experienced entrepreneurs who coach the students through their projects,” explained Mangone.

Local entrepreneurs like Tommy Thekkekandam will mentor the students.  He and his wife founded Tom and Jenny’s candies. He’s excited to share the lessons he’s learned with the next generation.

“When you work with adults, they typically have a certain set of restraints on their time and energy. Kids are just unlevered they can run after things with their whole heart and their whole energy. It’s just a really exciting thing to be around,” he said.

Students like Thomas Dikolli are ready to learn.  The high school junior is already off to a good start. He’s created his own app, and runs a small business buying and selling shoes.

“I’ve always kind of strived to find new things, to discover new things, and just figure stuff out,” said Dikolli, adding “Eventually that evolved into entrepreneurship for me.”

He hopes to continue to develop his entrepreneurial skills this summer while attending Audacious Institute.

The program takes place June 13-17 at Duke and is open to students in 9th-12th grade.  The cost is $595. For a link to registration information, click here: http://audaciousinstitute.com/programs-duke/

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