NC woman saves mom from falling tree during storms

Photo Courtesy: WFMY

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A woman earned herself the daughter of the year award after she saved her mom from a falling tree during Monday’s severe storms.

Martha Cook said her mom was sitting in a back bedroom of her Gretchen Lane house, reading ,when the storm passed through.

“She loves that room because the light is so good but we heard the storm come through and saw a small tree fall.”

Cook, who lives with her husband and mom, said she grabbed the 87-year-old Betty Grant, and ran toward the middle of the house.

“I literally was dragging her through the house and we heard this just tremendous noise and the tree fell right through, right where she was sitting. It took out the whole area where she was,” said Cook.

Words, even pictures and video, can’t due the damage justice. The roof caved in, insulation flew everywhere, and a massive tree sat inside of the bedroom. It was hard to tell two chairs were ever in the room.

Cook said she broke down after she saw the damage.

“There’s no way she would have survived it. She would have been gone. I just cannot tell you how thrilled that we are out of this safe.”

Cook, her mother, husband and dogs will stay with a neighbor on Gretchen Lane. Firefighters cut power to the house and Cook managed to get their valuables out before the home was boarded up for the night.

Down the road, a second massive tree fell, blocking the road. A third tree fell on a home in the 100 block of Gretchen Lane. The homeowner said he was inside and no one was hurt when the tree crashed through the roof.

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