NCCU junior found dead in dorm room

Kewanne Malik Lee

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A North Carolina Central University student died of a “sudden illness” Tuesday in his dorm, campus police confirmed.

Kewanne Malik Lee, 22, was a junior majoring in health education, the University confirmed.

Lee was found in his room in Ben Ruffin Residence Hall. Investigators do not believe the death was suspicious, according to a Durham Police spokeswoman.

The news of his death shocked many people who knew him.

Lots of hugs and tears could be seen outside his dorm as news started to spread about his death.

“Campus is really somber,” said Deja King, one of Lee’s friends. “I woke up this morning and something just wasn’t right. Then we come outside and see all these cars here. Thirty minutes later I’m in the cafeteria eating and I found out one of my friends passed away.”

King was outside the residence hall in disbelief. She is also a health education major. The two shared a few classes.

“It was a joy to have with him,” said King. “He was always smiling, no matter how bad he felt. He always made sure that I walked out of that class with a smile on my face.”

Sarah Warren met Lee while he worked at the Smart Market on campus. Her friend texted her about Lee’s death.

“She was like, ‘Kewanne had passed away,’ and I was like ‘What,’” she said.

Many students told CBS North Carolina that Lee was a friendly person and knew many people on campus.

Warren will miss seeing his smile the next time she walks inside the store.

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