2 men face heroin charges after ramming car into High Point officer

Antwan Lamont Outlaw and Davon Antwoin Marsh (High Point Police)

HIGH POINT, N.C. (WFMY) — A High Point Police officer will beOK after being hit by a car during a drug investigation Friday.

According to the High Point Police Department, the officer was involved in a drug bust and was hit when two suspects tried to speed away from the scene.

The officer drew his weapon and fired shots at the suspects in the getaway car, a spokesman said. The suspects were not hit, but other officers were able to stop and arrest them.

The officer hit by the car was treated and released from High Point Regional Hospital.

Police arrested Antwan Lamont Outlaw and Davon Antwoin Marsh in the incident.

Outlaw was charged with 2 counts of PWISD heroin, maintaining a vehicle to keep and transport, assault on law enforcement officer, and two counts of trafficking heroin.

Marsh was charged with trafficking heroin.

“The individuals that we’re dealing with right now are not from the area,” explains High Point Police Chief Kenneth Shultz. “They ended up coming to this location trying to make what they thought was going to be another narcotics deal and that’s where it spun out to situation we’ve got now.”

The incident happened by Shadow Valley Town Homes.

People living near the scene were surprised this all went down near their homes.

They say they have their own neighborhood watch program – but weren’t prepared for all this.
“This isn’t what we asked for but we know it happens,” explains Donald Hipps, one of the owners of the Shadow Valley Town Homes.  “It’s modern times. Drug dealers are drug dealers. They’re going to be here. We just sort of try to weed them out from our people.”

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