It’s prom night for special needs students at NC school

Some special needs students at Rose High in Greenville were invited to the prom. (WECT)

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – With prom season winding down, some students in the area are still talking about their magical night.

Friday is just an ordinary day for Miles Latham. He’s enjoying his time at J.H. Rose High School. Last Saturday however, was anything but normal.

“I mean I couldn’t describe how special it was. It was like going to Disneyland for him,” said Marquerite Latham, Miles’ mother.

Eighteen special needs students from JH Rose went to prom.

They got asked by their dates, took pictures and experienced the night just like any teenager.

“It just made the event even more special, that these girls put the time and effort in and made his night even better,” added Latham.

It’s all thanks to a teacher and a handful of caring students.

“There’s a need, and at Rose, we like to think of us as the rampant family, and if there’s a need in the family you take care of it; simple as that,” said Luisa Haynes, who began the program.

Haynes, a Spanish teacher at JH Rose, started the program four years ago and says everyone deserves to go to prom.

For Miles, a 17-year-old with unbalanced translocation of chromosomes experienced a magical night Saturday. It’s something his mother says he’ll never forget.

“He laughed all night. He danced all night. He was just, he was just happy,” said Marquerite.

The night meant just as much for their dates.

“You know when you see someone you’re making that happy, it makes you happy in return,” said Walker Allen, who helped start the program.

“The night was fun. I enjoyed it, Ronnie enjoyed, everyone enjoyed it,” Takaila Newsome said, who went to prom.

The students, parents and Ms. Haynes hope to keep the program going for many proms to come.

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