Horses, polo players visit Chapel Hill Ronald McDonald House

A horse

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – The game of polo proved to be a good dose of medicine for some local kids and their families today.

Polo players participating in the upcoming Triangle Charity Polo Classic brought a horse to the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill Monday.

The kids petted the horse and learned the basics of polo by playing with foot mallets and polo balls.

“It’s kind of awesome. I mean, the Ronald McDonald House does try to do a lot of things, activities, with the kids, but the horse, seems like the kids like the horse and seems like they’re playing more with the balls than the horse now. I think it’s really great that people volunteer their time too, because it would kind of get boring,” said Pamela Locklear of Lumberton, who is staying at the Ronald McDonald House while her grandson is being treated in a hospital due to a car crash.

The mini clinic was a way to learn about the sport, but also a chance to get outside, interact with one another and take their minds off of the medical issues that brought the kids to the hospital and the Ronald McDonald house.

Stephanie Carter of Havelock, who is staying at the Ronald McDonald house while her son has surgery, said, “We wouldn’t even talk to anyone else. We would just stay to ourselves. And so, it sort of opens us up to be social and to interact with others like one big family.”

She encouraged others to volunteer their time, like the polo players did.

Shaeilyn De La Cruz, of Fayetteville, is staying at the Ronald McDonald House because her son was born premature. She also praised the volunteers.

“To just see people and their families so happy because they didn’t have to do this today. They could’ve been practicing for another event and they decided to take their time out to come, allow the children to interact with the horses and play some polo. I’m just so speechless.”

The Triangle Charity Polo Classic will be held June 4 at the Triangle Area Polo Club in Hurdle Mills to raise money for the Transitions Guiding Lights Cargegiver Support Center.

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