Crews work to clean up Harnett County hoarding case

FUQUAY VARINA, N.C. (WNCN) – Crews worked Tuesday to clean up a massive hoarding case in Harnett County.

The property at 218 Smith Prince Road is a danger to the neighborhood and county officials said it is time for it to be cleaned up.

The house there caught fire years ago and was never repaired. It is now uninhabitable and structurally unstable.

Next to the home are trailers and tons of debris.

“We had complaints from area citizens concerned about the safety issues of the house, also the condition of the property where it would generate rats, snakes, rodents and basically things that basically will become a health issue,” said Randy Baker with Harnett County Planning Services.

Nina Betts, 70, lived on the property on and off for the last decade.

She said some of the items at the property once belonged to her parents who have passed away.

Some of the rest is just junk or trash.

Betts also accumulated a lot of items to service nearly two dozen animals.

“It was good stuff when I put it in there, see? And some of it is still good right now but they say everything has to go,” Betts said.

Since the property has been condemned, demolition and clearing crews would typically cost several thousand dollars. A lien would also be placed against the property if the county had to pay for the cleanup.

But, Harnett County is working with various organizations and volunteers to clean the property.

“We have different businesses, church groups, civic groups, getting them to contribute their time and efforts to come help clear this debris, then the county is going to step in and wave the tipping fees,” Baker said.

Betts said she tried to address the issues many times but continued to hit road blocks.

She called the community’s help “wonderful.”

Volunteers hope to build Betts a new home once the property is clean and the current house is torn down.

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