Cyclist hit and killed on Highway 98 in Durham

The truck involved in the incident and the bicycle that was hit. Photos from WNCN

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is investigating after a bicyclist was hit and killed along Highway 98 Tuesday morning in East Durham.

Neighbors say that stretch of highway is just not safe.

People who live nearby say even though the biker was wearing a vest, that’s not enough to save a life on the busy stretch of road.

“This highway is so busy,” said Bonnie Knott. “I always say, ‘Why would someone want to get out here and ride on that highway like that?’”

Knott lives along Highway 98, just a few feet from an accident that killed the cyclist. Neighbors say the driver of a black pickup truck hit the cyclist around 11 a.m..

“It’s dangerous the way they come by here,” Knott said. “Sometimes they come by here flying.”

Several neighbors say it’s not a safe place for bike riders.

“It’s not like a sidewalk around here,” said Regine Jones, who lives near the accident. “If there was another lane, maybe something like that could happen. But I wouldn’t recommend coming down here like that.”

“You couldn’t pay me to ride a bike on this road any time of the day,” said John Mansueto. “I don’t even like going to get my mail.”

Mansueto rushed outside seconds after he heard the accident .

“I saw my mailbox was bent over,” he said. “When I went over there to look over there, there was a gentleman deceased.”

All the neighbors feel that there needs to be a change to accommodate bikers.

“They should probably make more bike lanes if that’s going to be the case,” said Jones. “But I wouldn’t recommend being on the highway. That shouldn’t happen at all. That’s a no go.”

State troopers have not released the name of the victim. They also won’t say if the driver in the black pick-up truck will face charges.

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