Prom photo accidentally captures tornado

In this Saturday, May 7, 2016, photograph provided courtesy of Heidi Marintzer and taken with a mobile phone, Charlie Bator, left, and Ali Jolie Marintzer pose for a photograph before going to prom at the local high school as a tornado skips across the farmland behind the couple near Wray, Colo. A string of tornadoes bedeviled the small farming communities along the Colorado/Nebraska border Saturday as a spring storm swept across the Mid-Plains. (Photo Courtesy of Heidi Marintzer via AP)

WRAY, Colo. (AP) — Teens in the small Colorado plains community of Wray were getting ready to head to the prom when a powerful tornado clouded the picture.

The twister with winds up to 130 mph tore a path across the landscape about three miles away as seemingly everyone stopped to watch and take photos Saturday.

Clint Marintzer said his wife, Heidi, took pictures of their daughter Ali with her date Charlie Bator as the menacing tornado formed a backdrop, though a safe distance away. The image spread rapidly on social media.

The prom was briefly delayed to make sure everyone was safe.

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