Man holds door for police officer – ends up getting arrested

Kayvon Mavaddat (Natick Police)

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (WTNH) – A man was arrested in Massachusetts last week after holding open a door for a police officer.

According to the New York Daily News, it all started when Kayvon Mavaddat politely held the door open for a police officer leaving the Natick Mall in Framingham last Friday.

Police say the officer thought Mavaddat looked familiar, so he did a check on the cruiser’s computer. That’s when the officer found that Mavaddat was wanted on three arrest warrants for heroin possession, shoplifting and driving with a suspended license.

The officer then went back into the mall and arrested Mavaddat, who was held without bail. According to the MetroWest Daily News, Mavaddat’s probation officer told the judge he routinely skips court dates, drug tests and doesn’t pay his probation fees.

Mavaddat’s lawyer argued that he now has a job so will pay his fees.

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