No charges against Sanford man who shot neighbor’s dog

Bella (Cox Family)

SANFORD, N.C. (WNCN) – A Sanford man will not face charges after he shot a neighbor’s dog that was attacking chickens on his property.

On Monday around 11:30 a.m., Lee County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Mill Pond Road where Jessica Cox informed authorities a neighbor had shot her dog.

Jessica Cox told deputies a neighbor shot her 2-year-old Husky, Bella, in the head and then dumped the dog’s body over a fence between their properties.

“I was crying, yelling at him. Like how, like why would you kill our dog. I don’t understand. And he held up his dead chicken and he said this is how. He dropped the chicken and picked my dog up slung her into the backyard,” Jessica Cox said.

Deputies then went to the neighbor’s home and learned the Cox’s dog got near the neighbor’s chickens. He told deputies he got a firearm and shot one round, striking the dog.

The neighbor then grabbed a dead chicken and the dog and waited for Jessica Cox to come ask why he shot the canine before he dumped its body over the fence.

Deputies informed the Cox family no charges would be filed against the neighbor as he is allowed to protect his property.

“He could have pressed charges against us for the dead chickens. We would have replaced his chickens,” Jessica Cox said.

The Cox family admits they had an issue with the neighbor last year.

They said Bella went into his yard and killed a chicken. Since then, they put up another fence and had an electronic collar on Bella.

That collar ran out of batteries and wasn’t working.

“I’d have no problem taking money out of my wallet to help pay for the chicken. I’d have bought him 30 chickens. But she was not aggressive toward anybody,” said Skyler Cox.

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