Raleigh teen talks about being in lawsuit against House Bill 2

Hunter Schafer in a WNCN photo

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The impact of House Bill 2 is personal for one Raleigh teenager.

Hunter Schafer has many interests, like a lot of 17-year-olds.

She said, “I like to skateboard in my free time. Of course, draw and sketch.”

But Hunter, born with male anatomy, knew from a young age, something was different.

“Hunter would gravitate toward the dress-up center and would always want to wear the princess dresses,” her father, Mac, said.

Hunter added, “it became apparent to me that I was different from the other guys.”

At that time, Hunter and her family had to make a choice.

“We had to educate ourselves, we had to learn how to be the best parents we could be to a transgender child, and it’s complicated,” Katy, Hunter’s mother, told CBS North Carolina.

As Hunter grew older, the school system allowed her to have her own bathroom.

“Being able to embody what I feel on the inside finally after to having to suppress that for so many years is really- it’s exciting,” she said.

But now Hunter is filled with dread every time she looks at the bathroom signs.

She said, “am I going to break the law and use the bathroom that I am more comfortable in? Or am I going to follow the rules and risk harassment?”

Hunter said she now only feels comfortable using one bathroom throughout her school’s campus, and often avoids public restrooms.

“This isn’t a fad that Hunter’s going through, or a stage, or a choice even,” Mac said. “This is who Hunter is at her core.”

Despite what happens with House Bill 2, the Schafer family wants you to know one thing.

“We’re you’re friend, we’re your colleague, we’re you’re coworker,” Katy said. “We’re just a family that’s trying to love their kid.”

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