Elderly NC man, pet beagle reunited after car crash

Photo sent to WBTV from a family friend of Gerald and Kate

LINCOLN, N.C. (WBTV) – After days of searching, Kate the Beagle was found and reunited with her owner.

Gerald Johnson, 81, was in a head-on collision Monday. His beloved beagle, Kate, escaped from the car and ran off in fear.

Johnson was taken to the hospital and has since been released, but spent every day since looking for Kate in Lincoln County. Kate was spotted Saturday.

Family friends say Kate is Gerald’s baby. He’s married and has two grown daughters, but his heart is all wrapped up in 3-year-old Kate. His whole family helped him search. They say he wasn’t going to give up until Kate was “back in his arms.”

And now she is.

A family friend said that Gerald got a call that Kate was near one of the traps that was set up to find her. She was found sitting by one of Gerald’s coats, she could smell that he had been there. No one wanted to spook Kate, so they waited for Gerald to get there.

When Gerald arrived, he called to her and she ran right into his arms.

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