CBS hit ‘Young and the Restless’ allows glimpse behind the scenes

LOS ANGELES (WNCN) – “The Young & the Restless” – often referred to as “Y&R” has been the highest rated TV daytime drama for an unprecedented 27 years.

Since its debut in 1973, it has won 163 daytime Emmy awards, including nine for outstanding drama series.

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Sharon Tazewell of CBS North Carolina recently visited Los Angeles and spent a full day on April 22 with the crew at “Y&R.”

Victor Newman and his rival Jack Abbott have kept viewers intrigued over the years. We never tire of the drama and intimacy portrayed by Genoa City’s upper class.

“I think the key to it is continuity,” said Peter Bergman, who plays Jack Abbott. “We really have had aggressive interest in keeping the audience we had 30 years ago.”

And Tracey Bregman, who portrays Lauren Fenmore, said, “A lot of our audience has grown up with us, and raised kids with us and watched us through all of our trials and tribulations and I think they really think of us like family, like we think of them.”

That includes key figures like the powerful Katherine Chancellor, whose legacy continues even though she is no longer on the show. Chancellor was portrayed by Jeanne Cooper, who died in 2013 at the age of 84.

Jill Abbott, portrayed by Jess Walton, had a long-standing feud with Chancellor.

“That was so much fun,” said Walton.” That is an element I really miss. I feel like a one-legged pirate without my buddy.”

To keep viewer’s on our toes, Abbott’s son, Billy, keeps getting a new look.

Jason Thompson, who plays Billy Abbott, said, “I think it’s really, really fun to take some of the art that other people have built and continue to spin it.”

There are so many sets at “Y&R” that it’s almost like a maze. The crew members double and triple-checked the actors hair and make-up and made sure cameras were set in position.

But when the filming began, what had appeared to be organized chaos turned into TV magic.

“We get to live, grow older, experience the same things that our viewers are experiencing in real time,” said Christian LeBlanc, who plays Michael Baldwin.

Bergman, the actor who portrays Jack Abbott, said his personality and his character do “cross over here and there.”

“But truth be told, I got to be an actor every day for all of these years and actors go an in and out of being employed and unemployed,” he said. “I got to have both. I got to have a real life and this life.”

CBS North Carolina’s Tazewell even got to be in a scene, playing the role of a reporter. Her scene appears Monday, May 30.

“I had a blast! Everyone at ‘Y&R’ is so friendly and I’ve made some wonderful new friends,” Tazewell said.

“I was so impressed how everything works like clockwork. They’re so efficient and it’s no wonder ‘Y&R’ has been number one for so many years.”

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