NC county school board considers banning ‘skinny jeans’

AP file photos

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) — The New Hanover County School System is asking for opinions and feedback when it comes to making changes to the school system’s dress code policy and some students are taking to social media with their thoughts and feelings.

The system is in the process of reviewing the current dress code.

Proposed changes made at a meeting on April 5 are drawing some negative feedback from students.

According to online documents, the school system may prohibit students from wearing leggings, skinny jeans, and any other excessively tight fitting pants, unless they are covered by a top or dress.

The top or dress must cover the posterior in its entirety. Dresses, skirts, skorts and other similar clothing garments must meet the same criteria.

If a student’s appearance violates the policy, the student will need to change.

If a student continues to break dress code, they could face an out-of-school suspension.

According to a school spokeswoman, officials are still in the process of collecting feedback so it can be presented to the school board.

“This method of collecting feedback may continue for gathering student input on future new/revised policies that directly impact students,” said NHC Schools spokeswoman Heather Miller.

New Hanover County School Board Vice Chair Jeannette Nichols was not available for an on-camera interview, but she said one of the reasons behind the policy change was that some of the “bigger girls” were getting bullied because of their tight jeans.

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