NC mom attacks other mom in front of children at bus stop

GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) – One mother is in jail and another in the hospital after the pair got into a fight in front of a school bus stop full of children, police say.

Tiffany Lipscomb (Gastonia Police Department)
Tiffany Lipscomb (Gastonia Police Department)

According to a Gastonia Police official, Tiffany Lipscomb attacked a victim – who is still unnamed – on Beechwood Drive, while the two were walking their children to the bus stop Monday morning.

Officers at the scene said the fight started when the victim told Lipscomb if she had anything to say to her child, say it to her instead. When the victim walked away, Lipscomb attacked by grabbing her hair.

“I heard cussing, then when I looked up the street I saw the two women getting into it. The other one came up from behind, and was snatching and pulling on her hair,” said a neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous.

The fight took place in front of children waiting at the school bus stop.

“I heard children screaming,” the neighbor said.

Lipscomb was arrested, but has since been released on bond. The victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

But neighbors say the real victims were all of the children who witnessed the attack.

“This is something the kids will never get over, especially the lady who was attacked, her little boy,” said Pauline Brooks, who also lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors said another mother who was walking her child to the bus stop broke up the fight between Lipscomb and the victim.

No child was hurt in the fight. Gastonia police said they do not plan on charging the victim.

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