CBS North Carolina goes behind the scenes with NCIS: New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WNCN) – Even if you’ve only seen NCIS: New Orleans once, you can’t help but notice how the characters seem to really like each other. One thing we learned on set is that with this cast, there’s not much acting to create that chemistry.


There is no denying that NCIS: New Orleans is action packed, full of intrigue, suspense and even comic relief.

Zoe Mclellan, who plays Special Agent Meredith Brody, told CBS North Carolina, “It’s pretty dreamy. I feel like it’s a puzzle that just was put together and in a really beautiful way by some people who really knew what they were doing because to spend this much time together you really want to like each other.”

And they do both as characters and actors. That includes Rob Kerkovich, who plays lab analyst Sebastian Land. When we met him on set, he walked us around what truly looks like a real lab and a real morgue. We asked him to do the interview on the autopsy table and he did just that.

Web Extra: Behind the scenes of NCIS: New Orleans with actor Rob Kerkovich

That attitude on-screen helps when a cast enjoys each other like this one does.

Scott Bakula has been in our living rooms for decades. He plays the lead role of Special Agent Dwayne Pride.

Web Extra: Behind the scenes of NCIS: New Orleans with Scott Bakula

“We’ve all had a great love for the project, what we’re doing and how we’re the characters that we’re portraying and I think that there is an intangible thing that transfers on screen when people get along,” Bakula told CBS North Carolina.

“I think everybody wants to be here everybody’s interested in work and creating stories and being storytellers so it makes it fun,” added actress CCH Pounder, who plays medical examiner Dr. Loretta Wade.

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Daryl “Chill” Mitchell plays Patton Plame on NCIS: New Orleans. But, it’s not his character’s life as a computer specialist that’s most fascinating and frankly, inspiring.

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It’s been just shy of 11 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The city and the region have rebounded and some of that help comes from the film and television industry with shows like NCIS: New Orleans.

Inspired by an old warehouse, the main set is incredibly realistic. If you suddenly appeared on the set, it would take you a while to realize it’s not the real thing. Everything was built inside a warehouse. Construction of the set and the production of the set has put a lot of people to work as New Orleans continues to rebuild itself and its economy.

The show and Scott Bakula’s character were inspired by D’wayne Swear’s life as a New Orleans NCIS agent.

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“It’s helping New Orleans not only by representation and bringing tourism, but also employment so it really makes me feel great to be a part of this team and New Orleans itself you can’t replicate it” he said.

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