NCIS: New Orleans actress talks about decades-long career

NEW ORLEANS (WNCN) – One of the main characters on NCIS: New Orleans is Dr. Loretta Wade, played by actress CCH Pounder who you might remember for her roles on shows that include “The Shield”, “ER” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

Her career spans decades.

Pounder plays a vital character on the show as the medical examiner who helps solve the week’s murder.

At first, Pounder’s presence on the set was a little intimidating to some of the younger actors because of her history as a well-known and respected actress.

Rob Kerkovich, who plays Sebastian, told CBS North Carolina, “She exudes this grace that is sort of unparalleled. So, I had been a big fan of hers from when I was growing up. Don’t let her hear that, she’ll freak out that she’s old or something. She’s not. she’s 22.”

When asked about how she affects people on the set, she told us, “They’re not really intimidated by me because they don’t know me at the time, but they know the characters that I’ve played. And I’ll be honest, because in the past couple of decades, I’ve played very powerful people. People assume that that’s who you are. But, if they go back a few decades further, I was like the poor kid getting whooped and beat up and her husband keeping her hostage.”

One of the questions people ask is how do they refer to Pounder.

Do they call her C.C.H? Yes they do, but most often we heard her called “C.C.”

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