Real-life NCIS agent inspired CBS drama

D'wayne Swear

NEW ORLEANS (WNCN) – A lot of people have no idea how the NCIS spinoff in New Orleans came to be.

The show and Scott Bakula’s character were inspired by D’wayne Swear’s life as a real-life NCIS agent. Swear was originally approached for research on a single episode of the original NCIS. Swear recalled his response from the show’s executive producer after they talked about life as an NCIS agent in the Big Easy.

“He looked at me and said you know this is not an episode this is a series. We’re gonna see what we can do with this and that’s how it started out. I thought I was getting punked,” Swear said.

But, he wasn’t being punked. Swear remains on the show as a technical adviser. We asked him how realistic the show is.

“The show is not a documentary. It is television, Swear said. “A lot of our real work is unknown; a lot of intelligence work as well. So it’s enjoyable. You have to realize though it’s not a documentary.”

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