Durham prepares for Moogfest

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Moogfest, festival full of music and workshops, is on its way to Durham this weekend.

Right now, Moogfest organizers are preparing for thousands of people from around the world to converge on the Bull City.

Nearly $6 million is expected to pour into Durham this weekend during Moogfest.

Many people will be spending money on hotels, restaurants and shopping downtown. That’s music to the ears of Gabriel Eng-Goetz, who owns Runaway, a clothing store downtown.

“We definitely see a large spike in sales as well as traffic,” said Eng-Goetz. “It’s awesome too when you have something like this that brings a lot of people from outside the area.”

Organizers say nearly 30,000 people, from artists to musicians and creative professionals from around the world will be right here in Durham this weekend.

“A lot of people are going to be experiencing this city for the first time,” said Marisa Brickman, the festival director. “We’re hoping we can show them a little southern hospitality and help put Durham more on the map than it is now.”

The festival is a great place to learn about the instruments and tools made to create electronic music.

Moogfest began in New York back in 2004. It’s Durham’s first time hosting the event.

“We love it here,” said Brickman. “It’s widely becoming known for entrepreneurs and innovation. It’s just a great fit for Moogfest.”

Gabriel couldn’t agree more.

“Moog coming to the area has definitely got a lot of people excited, a lot of local businesses, including myself, excited about the potential,” he said.

Organizers say thousands of people, and millions of dollars coming to the Bull City is something they expect to happen for years to come.

“Moogfest is here to stay,” said Brickman. “The festival is here permanently. This is our first one here, but we’re not going anywhere.”

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